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Fall into ROAN

I get a little itchy this time of year.   Itchy to gather pieces for my wardrobe!  There is something about buying a few new things every Fall that makes me very happy.  There are parties, oyster roasts and before we know it, HOLIDAY.  You might every couple of years even need a new winter coat like this one at Roan! Roan Coat  It is so practical and feels so good!   You might need a party dress or two and one of my favorite lines Roan carries is Troubadour, designed by fellow southerner Lindsey Carter.  Classic but on trend!  troubadour To top off any great outfit a pair of Louboutins is a must!  IMG_2678  And for the most perfect holiday shoes that just sparkle and delight,  these Jimmy Choo cuties will not disappoint!   choo Roan is one of Richmond’s best destinations for your Fall wardrobe needs! Stop by and TELL THEM SCOUT SENT YOU!  —CHENEY


Too Much Washing

I am not much on spending a lot on my hair.  I frankly would rather have clothes, clothes, clothes! BUT I have a new hairdresser and he advised me that I am washing my hair TOO much and now it is damaged.  David at London Hair Design cares about the health of the hair and not just how it looks.  We are, together, on a mission to fix my hair.  He explained to me that there is so much more to a hairdresser than just cutting the hair and styling it for the client that day.  He really cares about the condition of my hair and helped educate me on what to do to keep it healthy and shiny.  First and foremost STOP washing my hair every day.   He challenged me to wash it twice a week.  I can rinse but not wash!  He has developed some really great products for all types of hair.  I am addicted to the Thermal Styling Spray!  London product picture  He is also a master colorist and believes in a couture hair experience at his salon and boutique that has been open since 1988.  I have yet to ever highlight or color my hair but stay tuned because as the greys keep coming I am getting VERY close to pulling the trigger. Go see Deepak Bedi, better known as David, and his team at London Hair Design and  TELL THEM SCOUT SENT YOU!  —CHENEY


Gather to shop or eat!

On a peaceful quiet road in Midlothian there is a place that everyone should visit.  Gather located on Herndon Road in Midlothian is the most perfect outing!  Nestled on the train tracks in rural Midlothian in an 1850 house Gather sells a variety of  items.  Melissa Carr, the owner, sells plates of all colors, shapes and sizes ,unique vintage birdcages, eclectic gifts and her own beautiful artwork.      IMG_2338 One of my favorite items in the store is a farm table locally made right here in Richmond.  The top of the table is removable to make the table easier to move, much easier to get outside for al fresco dining!  Genius!  Gather has many versions and many colors of this table.   IMG_2340 I was so at peace when visiting the store I said to Melissa I wish she offered lunch and she said she does!!!  Just call the day ahead and she will have a box lunch waiting.  Cold drinks are also available in a vintage cooler, perfect for bikers.  Just a gem of a place.  Melissa has such an eye and informed me that Gather is now available to rent for special events either inside or out on her delightful patio surrounded by vintage chandeliers and what else but a 53 Cherry Red Chevy Truck. -SgARDtdgg7MSkq4quXgUr2F5rDyDB95vx99kG1MojI There is no sense of urgency here, nothing hurried in this shop!  I invite you to visit Gather  and you will actually feel that you have nowhere else to be and nothing else to do!  Perfect for a lazy summer day.  So head to Gather either to shop or eat.  Ask for Melissa and TELL THEM SCOUT SENT YOU!  —CHENEY


Baby at Fraiche on the Avenues!

Finding beautiful baby things in Richmond is tough these days but Fraiche on the Avenues is helping with this problem.  With the addition of Rickshaw Designs, founded by a Richmonder out of San Francisco, you can go in and find THE cutest items for baby! Rickshaw fabrics are so breezy and easy for baby to wear, especially on the beach. Fraiche also carries items to decorate a nursery from mirrors to artwork! IMG_2174  Soaps, lotions and blankets make excellent gifts.    IMG_2176 IMG_2175 Rickshaw Designs baby is exclusive to Fraiche on the Avenues.  And on those 100 degree days Rickshaw bloomers are my personal favorite.  Seeing baby in just bloomers and a sun hat is too much!!! So if you are struggling to find cute baby things in town head to Fraiche and you will not be disappointed.  TELL THEM SCOUT SENT YOU!  —CHENEY IMG_2173


Einstein at Bohland & Graham


New at Bohland & Graham!  What a stunning painting of Albert Einstein.  Details below.


Oil on canvas
48″ x 36″
Einstein at Princeton, 1954
(This painting is based on a famous AP photograph of Einstein at Princeton University  in 1954.  He lived at Princeton from 1936 until his death in 1955.  During that time he worked at The Institute for Advanced Study,  )

Bohland & Graham is a gem of store located at 2605 West Cary St.   Stop by and find more fabulous antiques, art and curiosities in addition to this fantastic painting.   See owner Liz Ughetta and………………..TELL THEM SCOUT SENT YOU!  —CHENEY


Father’s Day Belts

Relaxing on the beach this weekend I couldn’t wait to settle in with my Garden and Gun!  I am a magazine lover and enthusiast.  Nothing makes me happier than when I am reading a national publication and I see something that is available to me right in my home town!  This happened in the latest issue when I saw a gorgeous belt that I thought would make a great gift, especially for Father’s Day.  To my surprise it was handcrafted near Charlottesville by Marcus Wiley and can be procured at Ledbury here in Richmond.  With all of the horse racing going on this month and Father’s Day around the corner,  head down to Ledbury to pick up a beautifully crafted handmade belt like one of these from fellow Virginian Marcus Wiley. free union HR shirt